1) What does tripReturn do?
tripReturn allows your iPhone or Android phone to remember a location and guide you back to this target location.
You can use it to find where you parked your car, return to a meeting place or obtain directions to one of your favourite places. You can use it in the city and in rural areas that may not even have mobile phone coverage.

2) How does tripReturn guide me back to a location?
tripReturn uses your mobile phone's Global Positioning System (GPS) to work out where you are and the direction, distance and time required to return to the target location. You can choose to use a MAP display or view a COMPASS that points toward your target.

3) How do I select a target location?
Simply push the + button to select your current location as the new target. When a target is selected the + button is replaced by a Trash button to allow you to deselect the target.

By default the app (iPhone or Android PRO version) has an AutoStore mode enabled. AutoStore is designed to save you time. It will automatically select a target location when you activate the app, if one is not currently selected. This means you only need to tap on the tripReturn icon when you wish to select a location to return to.

For example: You have just parked your car, you tap on the tripReturn icon on your mobile phone, when the app determines the current location accurately, you’ll hear a double chirp sound, an alert appears on the screen and a target icon appears on the map. All this is triggered by just one tap.

4) How do I bookmark a favourite location?
Up to 500 locations are automatically stored and accessible on the HISTORY tab. The locations are displayed in newest to oldest order. It is easy to select one of these locations as your destination by tapping on the target icon shown on to the left of each listed location. Once 500 locations have been stored and a new location needs to be added, the oldest stored location is deleted to make room. If you want to make sure a location is not deleted, you can modify the location by tapping on the location and selecting the LOCK option on the MODIFY LOCATION screen. You can also change the name to a memorable one and even change longitude and latitude data.

5) What does the MAPS tab show me?
When a target location has not been selected:
The MAPS display automatically centres your current location on the map. At the top of the screen is your current latitude and longitude. The display aligns itself to the direction you are facing. You can use pinch gestures to alter the map zoom. If you want to pan around the map, tap on the … icon in the top right hand corner. A dropdown menu appears that allows you to control what the map auto centres on and how it auto rotates. Select OFF under MAP AUTO CENTERING. You can now drag the map around to show areas adjacent to your current location.

When a target is selected:
At the top of the screen is the Distance to the target location and the time it will take to get there at the current average speed.

6) What does the COMPASS tab show me?
When a target location has not been selected:
The COMPASS view works just like any compass. It points NORTH. At the top of the screen is your current latitude and longitude.

When a target is selected:
The compass points to the target location. At the top of the screen, the distance, heading and time to your target is now displayed. As well as the large compass pointing to the target there is a small magnetic compass in the top right that shows which way North is.

7) Will tripReturn work in a car?
Yes, even though the magnetic fields in some cars compromise the accuracy of the mobile phone's magnetic compass sensor. By default, tripReturn deals with this issue by using GPS heading information in place of a magnetic heading when the app senses that you are moving far and fast enough to acquire an accurate heading from the GPS.

You can tell when the app is using the GPS heading, as the arrow in the small magnetic compass changes from red to blue. When you stop, you can revert to magnetic heading by tapping the ... button and selecting MAGNETIC under MAP AUTO CENTERING. The compass arrow will turn from blue to red to let you know the change has occurred.

The magnetic heading mode is good for handheld use of the app as the map swings around to match the direction you are facing. GPS heading mode has the top of the map always pointing to the direction in which you have been recently travelling.

8) Can I use tripReturn in remote locations?
To update the MAPS display often requires tripReturn to obtain map information via the Internet. If your mobile phone does not have a cellular data connection active, the map may not be updated. It is not unusual for mobile Internet access to be lost in remote locations. A warning alert appears when mobile Internet access is lost. In this situation, you can still use the COMPASS tab to point you to your destination. The COMPASS tab works as long as adequate GPS satellite signals continue to be received.

9) Can I use tripReturn in buildings or underground?
Your mobile phone needs clear access to signals from at least 3 GPS satellites to determine your location. Obstacles such as buildings, trees or hills can block these satellite signals. You can get a sense of the presence and accuracy of the GPS signal from the size of the blue circle around the blue dot on the MAPS display. In the COMPASS view, a signal strength meter is displayed. If you find the GPS signal is not present or is very inaccurate then you need to move to a position where a reliable set of GPS signals can be acquired before you can save an accurate target location. If you are in a building or underground car park, set your location either before or after you enter the building. If you are under dense tree cover, move to a clearing. If you are next to a large hill or tall building move to more open ground.

10) How does tripReturn calculate the time and distance to the target?
Distance is "as the crow flies". Time is the distance divided by the average recent speed, not including periods of non movement.

11) How do I use tripReturn to find where I parked my car?
After parking your car activate the tripReturn app. If autoStore is being used, wait for the double-chirp sound, or the phone to vibrate, then off you go. If you need to set the location manually, tap the “Trash” button if a location is currently selected, then tap the “+” button to select your current location, then off you go. When you are you ready to find your car, activate tripReturn and use either the MAPS tab or the COMPASS tab to point the way back to your car.

12) How do I use tripReturn to return to my hotel when I am travelling overseas?
As in 11) above, set your location when you are outside your hotel. Use the MAPS or COMPASS tab to find your way back. As you may be making several return journeys to your hotel, consider naming the location and set the “lock” option on the HISTORY tab. That way you will be able to easily find your hotel location on the HISTORY tab and reselect it by tapping the target icon next to its name when you wish to find your way back “home”.

13) How do I use tripReturn to when I’m hiking?
Always use the “+” button to “select” a significant rest-stop, way point or via and name it. That way you can always back track to your last known spot if you need to. tripReturn can let you know how far you’ve travelled since the last stop, the direction and how long it would take to make the return trip.
A good thing to do the night before your day’s walking is to store tomorrow’s way points. Do this by selecting your current location, click on the HISTORY tab, tap on the top location name and then edit the name, longitude and latitude for the required location. Use either a survey map with longitude and latitude or an online service like Maps to obtain co-ordinates. Alternatively, if you have cellular data access, you can find the location on the map shown on the "Modify Location" screen and use a long-press gesture to capture the longitude and latitude at that point. Repeat this process to store all the expected way points for tomorrow.
IMPORTANT: Use of mobile phone based navigation aids such as tripReturn should only be used as an adjunct to carrying accurate maps and a mechanical compass. Remember electronic devices can fail, batteries can go flat, etc.

14) How do I get directions from tripReturn?
If you need a suggested path added to the MAPS view, tap on the target icon. A pop-up prompts “Get directions”: tap on the blue right-arrow. After a few seconds, the suggested path will show up in blue. To remove the path, tap on the target icon again, and tap on the right arrow next to “Clear directions”.

15) How do I use the AutoStore function?
AutoStore allows you to a store your current location with a single tap.
First, check that AutoStore is enabled on the SETUP tab. Select “Course” or “Fine” on the “AutoStore mode” setting. Before you exit tripReturn make sure you don’t have a location selected: push the “Trash” button if one is selected. You can now put the phone to sleep. When you are ready to save a location, tap on the tripReturn icon to bring the app alive. The app will display an alert saying it is searching for a location. Once a GPS location has been obtained with sufficient accuracy, the phone will vibrate, an alert will appear saying the location has been stored and if audible alerts are enabled and your phone is not on silent you will hear a double-chirp sound.

16) Can I customise tripReturn to work the way I want it to?
There are a number of configurable options on the SETUP tab:

UNITS: Choose either metric or imperial distance units.

REFRESH RATE : You can obtain a faster update rate of the display at the expense of some battery life by choosing Fast instead of Normal.

AUTOSTORE MODE: When set to either “Coarse" or “Fine", AutoStore will automatically save a new target location, if one has not already been selected, when the app is brought into view. This provides you with a one-tap convenience method to acquire a location. If you select “Course" the app will select a target location once GPS location accuracy is 30 metres or better. If you select “Fine" then accuracy needs to achieve 10m before a location is saved. Note that the app will try to refine a “Coarse" location for about 10 seconds after an initial selection is acquired.

AUDIBLE ALERTS: There are 2 audible alerts provided by the app. A car-alarm style double-chirp is issued when AutoStore acquires a location. A repeating ding-dong alert is played when you return to within 20 metres of you target location. Both alerts can be silenced by selecting “Mute”.

PHONE SLEEP: If you wish to perform continuous navigation without being interrupted by your mobile phone going to sleep, then select “Prevent”.

USE GPS HEADING: If you are having issues with the accuracy of the heading direction, chances are your mobile phone's magnetometer is having issues with local magnetic fields. This is especial problem in cars. You can overcome this problem if you select the use of GPS heading in place of magnetic heading. If you select “>3 km/h” then tripReturn will switch to using GPS heading once you consistently move at this speed. This setting is good for detecting when you are walking. If you select “>10 km/hr” then this will switch modes typically when you are in a car or on a bike or on public transport. If you wish to use magnetic heading always then select “Never”.

17) Who do I send my ideas for improvement to the app to?
We’d love to hear your ideas, so please email them to support@lnaapplications.com .