Frame Pro
Quality digital photo frames are getting harder to find.
Now you can turn your older iPad into a superior digital photo frame.

Major Features:
There are 2 versions of Frame Pro:
• UPGRADE – available as an In App Purchase

FREE version features:
• A slideshow of full screen images in portrait or landscape orientation
• Easy slideshow navigation and pausing
• Configurable slide time
• Optional display of current time and/or date
• Optional night-time sleep mode
• Compatible with all generations of iPad including recent iPhones and iPod Touches

PRO additional features:
• Wide range of slideshow effects (ie zoom, filters and transition effects)
• Configurable text and graphics overlay (time, location, logo/text)
• Multimedia functions to synchronise audio and photos for presentations
• Vision and sound output to external devices via AirPlay
• Configurable sleep function

• iPads and iPhones running iOS 11 or later.
• To run on devices using iOS 5.1.1 to iOS 10 please use the
DPFrame app.

Where to get Frame Pro :