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tripKeeper is an app that lets you conveniently manage your trip information and all travel documentation using your iPhone or iPad.

Major Features :
  • Keeps your travel itinerary and documents in one place
  • Handles all types of travel from family holidays to personal business travel
  • Quick and easy access to what you need when you need it
  • Trip information can include text, photos or PDFs
  • Secure storage in iCloud
  • Sharing of trip information across multiple devices and travellers
  • Travel information and documentation can be emailed for sharing or printing
  • Alerts you when confirmations are required
  • International emergency contact guide*
  • Spreadsheet planning template that can be prepared on a desktop or laptop, then sent to your mobile device
  • Integrates with tripReturn for maps and navigation

Where to get tripKeeper :


* Note: The international emergency contact guide has the latest information available at the time of publishing but as countries can change these numbers from time to time, you may need to use other sources of information to obtain the latest current numbers to call.