Getting Started

This is a short pictorial guide to tripKeeper. For more detail see the User Guide.

The TRIPS tab allows you to select the trip you wish to manage.
To see the trip detail: Tapi3.
To create a new trip: Tap
+ .
To delete a trip: Tap on it to select the row, then tap on

The Trip Detail page displays the travellers and the itinerary for the trip.
To add a traveller: Tap
+ in the Travellers section.
To remove a traveller: Tap on the traveller's picture to select this traveller, then tap
trashto remove the traveller.
To add an item to the Itinerary: Tap
To see and edit the item's detail tap
To remove an item: tap on the item to select it then tap
trashto remove it.

The Ticket Detail page is where you store information about trip tickets or events.
A carousel lets you select the item type that best suits your needs.
Choose from airline tickets through to entertainment events.
Four tabs allow you to enter start/end or depart/arrive information, as well set confirmation reminders or add pictures of tickets and forms themselves.

The TRAVELLERS tab shows traveller profiles which can be used, and reused, on any of the trips.
To create a new profile: Tap
+ .
To see and edit the profile detail: Tap
The profile is a great place to store all your travel document details and/or pictures of the documents.

The Traveller Detail page shows the details contained in a traveller's profile. This is where you save your travel documents, especially passports, cards, etc.
To add a document tap
To see or edit document details tap

The TTD (Things To Do) tab lets you capture information about Things To Do on your trip. You can also save travel tips and appointment details.
To select the trip to view: Tap on the Trip name box to show a dropdown list of trips, then tap on the specific trip you wish to view.
To select the types of item you wish to see: tap either ALL, Must See, Appointments or Tips.
To add a TTD item : Tap
To see and edit the item's detail tap
To remove an item: tap on the item to select it then tap
trashto remove it.

The TTD Detail page allows you to capture the details of a TTD item It also allows you to add text and images from emails or web pages.
To add text: In Safari or Mail, select the text you wish to copy, then tap and hold until "Copy" appears. Select Copy. To paste the text into a TTD: Switch back to tripKeeper, tap and hold on the Description box until "Paste" appears. Tap on "Paste" to insert the text.
To add an Image: In any app, press the Power and Home buttons together and hold for about a second. The page image has now been stored in the camera roll. Switch back to tripKeeper, tap
+, tap on "From Photos", tap on "Camera Roll" then on the image you wish to paste, zoom/crop as normal, then tap "Use".

The More tab gives use access to Useful Information related to trips and the tripKeeper app itself.
EMERGENCY contains a list of emergency numbers for nearly all countries in the world.
ASSISTANCE and FAMILY is where you save trip related contact information.
USER GUIDE provides a quick reference guide to the tripKeeper app and is available to you on the move.
SETTINGS is where you customise the app's behaviour to suit your needs. This page displays a list of configurable options.
SPREADSHEET TEMPLATE allows you to send a spreadsheet template via email so that you can populate trip information on your desktop or laptop computer.
The INBOX item is where imported PDF files are held once you have imported them into tripKeeper from MAIL or SAFARI.
Finally, a SUPPORT link allows you to send us some feedback or a query via email.

The SETTINGS page is where you can change the behaviour of the app to suit your needs.
You can choose to keep your trip information locally on your phone or store it in the iCloud (for added security and sharing across multiple devices).
If you need an extra layer of security to protect your travel documents, type a password into the PASSWORD field (be sure to keep a copy somewhere safe).
INBOX AUTO DELETE allows you to control whether the app automatically deletes PDF documents from the INBOX when they are no longer needed (recommended).
BACKGROUND ANIMATION allows you to turn off the background image movement if you find it distracting or wish to maximise battery life.
Finally, ATTACH IMAGES TO EXPORTS lets you turn off the attachment of images to trip exports, if you find the email size has become too large to send.