MiniCine Downloads - Example Shots

To help you use the MiniCine VFX app, a series of downloadable shot files are provided below. Click on one of these to download the .mc shot file to MiniCine on your iPad or Mac.

Note: Some shots require you to add your own video content. The elements affected will display 'No Content'. Edit the element and 'Select' the video in your Photos library that you wish to use.

1. Demonstration Shots

1a Simple Composite

1a. Simple Composite

An example of how to easily layer 2 elements using a matte image.

DynamicTitleEffect Icon

1b. Dynamic Title Effect

This shot demonstrates how a more complex operation can be built from a small number of nodes.

Classic Main Title Icon

1c. Classic Main Title

This shot demonstrates how a recognisable classic opening title can be built using 19 nodes and 15 key frames.

Sample assets, if you need them: MIDI sound track , Title Crawl Keynote , Title Crawl PDF

MotionTracking Icon

1d. Motion Tracking

Demonstrates how to use the TRACK node to perform image stabilisation and a match-move.

Print the following file if you need tracker disks to assist motion tracking of objects: trackerMarkers.pdf

TVSeriesOpeningTitle Icon

1e. TV Series Opening Title

This shot demonstrates how a popular style of opening title can be created with just 12 nodes. The TV series name and Episode title are zoomed, colour changed and then faded to reveal the underlying opening scene as the text fills the frame.

2. Format Transformations

PortraitRotate Icon

2a. Portrait Rotate

Rotates a video shot in portrait orientation to fit a landscape output format.

PortraitRotateFill Icon

2b. Portrait Rotate & Fill

Rotates a video shot in portrait orientation to fit a landscape output format and fills the surrounding image with an expanded blurred and lightened version of the video. A technique frequently used to show portrait iPhone footage on TV.

3. Titles

OpeningTitle Icon

3a. Opening Title

Superimposes static text titles onto an opening sequence background video.

NewsStyleCaption Icon

3b. News Program Style Caption

Superimposes a caption with animated reveal and hide. The caption contains a custom logo, 2 lines of text and a key line.

4. Image Processing

ColourGrade Icon

4a. Colour Grade

Adjusts colour and tone to match another shot.

ColourOne Icon

4b. Colour Replacement

Retain colour in a selected object while rendering the remainder of the scene in monochrome.

Low Light Enhancment Icon

4c. Low Light Enhancement

Apply frame averaging to reduce noise in video shot in low light conditions.

Sample assets, if you need them: Low Light Video

5. Scene Transitions

Defocus Icon


Performs a defocus transition between elements.